Dr. Fermina V. Bebing


Dr. Fermina Bebing's dedication to dentistry was ignited by the scarcity of dental care in her native Philippines, particularly within underserved communities like her own family's. Witnessing the consequences of neglected oral health, she embarked on a mission to make a difference.

With over 40 years of experience, Dr. Bebing has honed her expertise in general dentistry, specializing in emergency procedures like root canals and extractions, and excelling in cosmetic dentistry.

What truly sets Dr. Bebing's dental practice apart is her wealth of experience coupled with a compassionate approach to patient care. She understands the importance of flexibility, accommodating patients not only in scheduling but also in financial considerations.

She owns a beautiful chihuahua named Kimbo.

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Dr. Bebing's greatest joy in practicing dentistry is alleviating pain and providing comprehensive oral care to her community. While her work has yet to receive formal awards or recognition, her dedication speaks volumes.

As a member of the American Dental Association and the California Dental Association, Dr. Bebing actively contributes to her community by collaborating with low-income insurance programs like Medi Cal, ensuring oral care accessibility for all. She invests in cutting-edge technology to offer the highest quality dental care.

Her patient care philosophy centers on compassion and the delivery of high-quality dental services. Dr. Bebing's commitment to her patients extends beyond her practice as she enjoys cooking, baking, and spending quality time with her family, including her husband George, three sons, and two beloved dogs.

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